DeKeuster's Cheer

We are excited to be adding a competition cheer team this year!

To tryout for the team you can sign up for a time slot at the following link.  

Practice will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30. 

Team policies and Prices are outlined below. 

DeKeuster’s Cheer
All-Star Competitive team Rules and Policies

Thank you for making the decision to join the DeKeuster’s Cheer Family for the 2023-2024 season. This will be our first season adn we are excited to build a team and become a leader in developing athletes in competitive cheer. The owners and staff pride themselves in maintaining a family environment and holding each athlete to the highest quality standards.

Our Mission

The mission of DeKeuster’s Cheer is to provide safe, quality services focused on teaching young athletes solid fundamentals in tumbling, stunting, and cheer for school-aged athletes in South Eastern Arizona. Our coaching
philosophy is designed to help athletes self-discover their own ability through high quality instruction in a fun, disciplined environment with a structured purpose. The goal is to create athletes who apply their learning, competitive experiences and work ethic to lessons throughout their lives and future leadership roles. The staff provides a structured training system geared towards getting the most from each athlete. We take pride in our ability to focus specific attention to developing individual strengths and learning how each athlete
can best serve the team. We teach our athletes to excel in all areas of competitive cheer emphasizing sound fundamentals. Westrongly believe that our success originates from the dedication and commitment of our staff,
athletes, and parents working TOGETHER. Our goal is to foster the growth of the best team possible and instill qualities/values that last a lifetime.

All Star Program Costs

Pay up front: $2,600
Pay monthly: $2,750 divided into 8 payments - automatically charged the 1st of everymonth.

If you choose to pay the whole cost up front you will need to have that paid before the first practice on August 14th.

Monthly payers will be charged monthly on the 1st of every month and will be required to be on auto pay. With the first payment starting on August 14th.

This fee includes:
- Practice twice a week (2 hours twice a week)
- Routine choreography
- Uniform
- Bow
- Practice clothes
- Cheer shoes
- Competition Fees
- Coach Fees
- Local Performance
- Competition Music

An additional fee for the athletes membership in the USASF cheer association may be necessary that fee is $50.

The fee paid will include all of the above anything for extra purchase will be optional except for the USASF cheer membership fee.

Competition Schedule and Travel

The competition season will run February-April. We will have a Competition Schedule to you and your athlete far before competitions begin so that you can make plans for travel.The team will not travel together. All families will need to make their own arrangements for travel.

Local Performances

The local performance schedule will be sent to you as soon as we correlate with loal school and events. We will try our best to have the schedule to you at least a month before the first performance.

DeKeuster’s Elite Cheer Program Agreement

Under no circumstances will there be any form of refund regardless of the reason. We are under no obligation to buy any uniforms, practice wear, or shirts purchased by any member if they decide to leave the program. If you have prepaid any expenses, they will not be refunded for any reason.

You are liable to the costs and obligations as stated above. You MUST notify DeKeuster’s Staff 30 days in advance the event that my athlete will be dropping. There will be norefunds if you fail to notify us.