Xcel Team 2023-2024

DeKeuster’s Competition Gymnastics Team

Girls Xcel Team Fee Agreement

The Following is an ESTIMATED breakdown of the 2023-2024 competition season 

USAG Registration for the 2023-2024 begins August 1st During this month we will have dates set up for you to enter your gymnast with a DeKeuster’s Staff Member at the gym. This is a separate fee of $25.00 for first year competitors that you will pay directly to USAG. 

Team Uniform: TBD we are currently working with GK to get uniforms designed as soon as we know cost of uniforms we will let you know 

Xcel team total Assessment Fees 


Entry Fees 



Session Fees 



Travel Expenses



Coaches USAG


Total Due by September 15th 


The Following is an ESTIMATED entry/competition team fees for the 2023-2024 Season

Team Entry Fees 


Mock Meet 



Meet #2



Meet #3



Meet #4



Meet #5 (State)



Session Fees are funds collected to pay out coaches for their time spent attending and coaching each competition. This years ESTIMATED session fees are $175.00. 

Travel Expenses are a flat fee that is charged to all team members that help pay for any travel expense incurred by our staff to attend a competition. This years travel fee is $250.00. 

Coaches USAG Registration and Education Fees consists of their USAG membership and trainging program that allows them to be on the competition floor at all USAG Sanctioned competitions. This years’s fee is $40. 

Monthly Fees will be collected on the first of each month and you will be required to be set up on auto pay. The monthly fee will be collected to pay coaches for their time and to provide necessary equipment for Practice. The monthly fee for 4 hours of practice each week is $200 per month. 

Practice will be held twice a week for two hours. Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm. Your athlete is expected to be at all meets and practices. We do understand that things come up. Please notify us if your athelte will be missing days. In the event that your athlete misses a meet the fee is nonrefundable. There is no makeup classes for practice, private lessons are available for an additional charge but missed classes cannot be madeup or refunded. 

We will have a schedule of meet weekends to you as soon as we have finalized the whole season schedule. Competition Season will be January-May. Specific meet schedules are not sent to us until approximately 2 weeks before so you should plan on blocking out the whole weekend for the competition. 

Competition are Fridays-Sundays. If it is a holiday weekend it may be Thursday-Monday. If your athlete does not compete on Sundays for religious reasons we need to know that during sign ups so that we can request a refund or exception when we register for the meet. Meet fees will not be refunded or partially refunded if you choose not to compete on Sundays. 

We are not responsible for the travel or accommodation of the gymnast, if the team chooses to do group stays or carpool that is separate from the gym. 

Any Estimated fees that you overpaid for will be rolled over into your account.