2023-2024 News

We are excited for this new year and the growth it will bring. I want to outline these changes so that you are aware and we can help our gymnasts succeed. 

Second Location 

We are hoping to expand with an additional location this year. The Second location is still pending and an exact date as to when we will start classes there will be announced as soon as we have the location prepared and ready to start classes. 

In Preparation for the new location we have created some new classes so that we can offer more specific attention to each Gymnasts. In creating these new classes it will require us to have multiple classes using the gym at once. It will be well organized and classes will have a strict max number of students. Spots will be limited and space within each class is strict. Please be aware of this when you are registering as spots will fill quickly. If there is no space left a class that will work, you may have to take a class at a different time or please join the waitlist and we will try our best to get your gymnast in a class as soon as we can. When we are able to make the transition with another location we can add more classes as needed to fill the need and those on wait lists will be added to these new classes First. 

Skills Charts 

Each Class/Level starting with the beginners class will have Skills Charts. Skills charts will include all skills needed to move up to the next level/class on each apparatus (Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault). We will evaluate Skill Charts Last week of every month and evaluate which skills the gymnasts have mastered. Each time a skill is mastered your Gymnast will put a sticker on their chart for that skill. Once all skills on the chart have been mastered your Gymnast is eligible to advanced to the next level. Upon achieving a completed skills chart your gymnast will receive an award ribbon and staff will help in moving your gymnast to the next class. 

Competition Teams 

We are excited to be adding a Competition Cheer team and a Competition Gymnastics team. Each of those have different pay schedules and costs, you can find information on these on our website. If you have additional question feel free to reach out to me. 

As always we are excited to see your gymnasts and we are excited for this year and the growth it will bring! Reach out to us at dekeustersgymnastics@gmail.com or Call or text Sarah at (928)322-2905 with any questions or concerns