January Newsletter

January Newsletter

DeKeuster’s Gymnastics January Newsletter

Hope you all had a great Holiday break!  We are excited to start a new year and have many great things coming up in gymnastics! 

We will be having classes on Monday January 16th (Martin Luther King Day) 

Gymnastics Show- The show has been scheduled for April 21st and 22nd at the Safford Center for the Arts. Dress rehearsals will be Thursday April 20th and possibly Friday April 21st  at the Safford Center for the Arts. We like to schedule our show in April to try to avoid everything else that takes place in May. Please keep that weekend clear of any conflicts. All classess accept for mom and tot will participate in the show.  We will continue to have classes through May.  The theme for the show is A Tribute to our Heroes. We will have 4 four shows again this year.  We will get times and details to you when it gets closer. 

Show Leotards- Every class will be getting matching leotards for the show.   The cost of the Leotards is $40 due no later than March 1st. The price for the boys is $35. The boys will be getting t-shirts and shorts. The Tops and Twisters class leotard price is $55 because they are long sleeved.   We will be sizing the gymnasts during classes. The payment for the show uniform will be on your parent portal on February 1st and must be paid before March 1st. If it is not paid by march 1st it will be automatically charged with your monthly payment on March 1st.   

Mini Meet-The other event we have planned is a mini gymnastics meet for each class.  This meet will take place in May. This is where the gymnasts will receive their medals and we will be having a competition between the gymnasts in each class and awarding trophies to the top three in each class based on star charts. We will work on star charts every month up until then. The parents are invited to attend, it will be held in the gym.  We encourage staying in gymnastics through May so you do not miss out on any of these events. We encourage you to not take months off, as you may not get your spot back when you come back. 

We will begin to start working on the show in February. It is important to not miss class.  We do offer private lessons but you have to be enrolled in a class. This is a good way to work on your routines for the show or to get a new trick. These can be scheduled with any of the coaches who would be interested in doing a private lesson. 

Tops and Twisters class:  We have the following Basketball games scheduled: 

  • January 18th at Thatcher Highschool 7:00 PM 
  • January 27th at Safford Highschool 7:00 PM 
  • February 8th at EAC 7:30 PM 
  • February 7th at Pima Highschool 7:00 PM 

Please do not miss class!  

Friday Open Gym: On Fridays from 10-11 we have open gym. This is for anyone 8+ that is registered in a class that wants to work on their tumbling. This is a great opportunity to work on new skills and routines for the show. It is $5 each time you come. 

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