Classes & Info


Preschool, Mom & Tot, and Beginners—One hour weekly
Advanced, Hot Shots, Dazzlers, Stars & Tuckers —Hour & thirty minutes
All classes will be divided by age and ability.
Twisters & Tops- Two hour class.


Enrollment fee--$30.00 (after December will be $15)
Fee covers insurance and the month of August.
Tuition—Starting in September

ONE hour class:

$40.00 per child—per month
*$25.00 per child—per month for each additional child in family or each additional class

ONE & ½ hour class:

$45.00 per child – per month
*$30.00 per child – per month for each additional child in family or each additional class

Two hour class:

$50 per child – per month

Mom & Tot class

$20.00 per month

*** If your child chooses to miss any month during the year and wants to come back the next month you will be required to pay the enrollment fee plus tuition! In addition, your child may not get back into the class they want to be in! Please do not miss classes! *** Please be respectful and notify us if your gymnast decides to no longer take class.

All Parents or guardians will be required to set up a parent portal and enroll in classes online. All payment will be paid online with auto pay. There will be a small convenience fee added. There is a $5.00 fee added to late payments. Late is after the 20th of each month. If your child misses’ class, please contact me within 48 hours. After two classes have been missed, make-up classes can be scheduled for any additional misses. There is a maximum of four make-ups. You must notify me before coming to make-up class and schedule the make-up within four weeks. If class is not made up, there is no refund. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call me at 428-3598.

PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILD TO THE GYM ON TIME!! Do not bring your child to the gym more than ten minutes early, and please pick your child up on time!! Neither DeKeuster’s Gymnastics, nor the owners of the building, are responsible for children left unattended before and after classes. Students waiting for rides before and after class must wait in the building.


(Girls) Leotards are required. It is hard to spot with big T-shirts, and the children are always worried about their shirts flying up. No jewelry, no tights with feet and long hair must be tied back with simple ponytail ties. (Boys) Comfortable clothing is required. Please bring water bottles.


End of year (April/May): Show for ALL gymnasts held at The Safford Center for the Arts.
** In support of the safety and self-esteem of all students, parents and visitors are not allowed in the gym during classes**

-Class sizes will remain small
-Please respect the facilities that we are renting
-Private lessons are available and may be scheduled with any of the coaches, but must be enrolled in a class.

* We will accept cash or Venmo for the open gym class on Friday mornings. We also encourage the gymnasts to sign up for more than one class if you want to see faster progress.