About US

About Us

DeKeuster’s Gymnastics has been around for almost 40 years. It all started in the Fort Thomas Cafeteria. Jo DeKeuster taught school at Fort Thomas and had a lot of experience with Gymnastics. She started a little class in the Fort Thomas Cafeteria after school. They would put the tables away and set up the gym in the cafeteria a couple days a week. Jo had girls coming from Pima, Fort Thomas, Thatcher and Safford. Sometime later Jo took a teaching position at Safford Schools so she had to move the gym. The gym has been in different places in Safford until its recent move to Thatcher in March of 2010. Heidi Morris took over the gym in 2003. Heidi was one of Jo's first students who started in Fort Thomas. Heidi owned the gym for 19 ½ years and transformed it into what it is now.
After all of those years Heidi has spent selflessly serving Eastern Arizona’s Finest Gymnasts she decided it was time to sell the business. Sarah McDougal had the opportunity to buy the business. Sarah took gymnastics from Heidi for 8 years and coached for Heidi for 11 years. Sarah plans to keep the great traditions of Dekeuster’s gymnastics alive and hopes to grow the business even more to provide more opportunities for growth and improvement in all of Eastern Arizona Gymnasts.

About our Program

We welcome you and trust that your time spent with our program will be both enjoyable and memorable. Our facility and staff are committed to providing healthy opportunities for your children where they can learn in the most positive of environments. Dekeuster's Gymnastics uses a rotation program for its classes that will keep your child active throughout their class time learning new skills and developing their strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance. We are focused on providing the highest quality of developmental gymnastics and tumbling. Gymnastics teaches children how to focus and listen, follow directions, and combine thoughts and actions. It also increases coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and creative movement. Children develop at different speeds, but as gymnastic instructors we can see the progress in every child we work with. We believe that gymnastics is a sport which is beneficial for every child. We hope that you find our gym to be fun, positive, and an educational place for your whole family.

For more information come visit us at:
2281 Hwy 70 Thatcher Plaza Suite E Thatcher, AZ 85552
Or call Sarah McDougal (928) 322-2905